Saturday, March 5, 2016


I start my day off with waking up and washing my face. Then I brush my teeth. After that I lotion up my body and put on my clothes. I do my hair and unplug my Chromebook and go downstairs to eat. There is no more cereal so I eat oatmeal apple cinnamon. It took me FOREVER to eat that so I got to the gym later than what time I usually get there. I got at the gym and a lot of stuff happened such as jealously people wanting to fight. So it was the usual stuff that happens at the gym 😊. So 1st block was great. I went in there no problem with the teacher and did my work. Was it boring.......... yes but at least i'm getting work done. Now in 2nd block we took a test and that was boring then this boy named Anthony wants to go to the nurse and Dr.Jones said no. So he takes the pass and is about to walk out. Ta'Nasia was like Anthony sit down.
Don't go! You gonna get Expelled. He didn't care and kept walking and he came back like 2 minutes later. He kept standing outside and just stood there. The bell rung and 3rd block started. It was a normal 3rd block. SIKE!!!!!!! We got to listen to music! 😜 Then 4th block was good because we went in Ms.York room for student of the month. 5th block all we did was play basket ball. 6th block we did projects. Boys and Girls club we just went in the gym and then played games in the computer lab. Then I went to practice at church. After that we went to my grandma house for the weekend. So basically my day was normal.

Thats all folks! BYE!!!

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