Thursday, March 3, 2016


Okay why is this little boy named Tyler coming at me with this yo mamma gay crap. So, I was sitting in class and doing my work but I couldn't see so I moved up to see the vocabulary. So he is sitting at another table and started saying that my best friend Jordyn hair was fake. She was like NO IT'S NOT. And she was like how is it fake if you can see my scalp. Then he has the nerve to call my mom gay. Now I can say I was wrong for this next part but at the moment I really didn't care. I got all in his face and said what did u just say. But I calmed down and I went to 2nd block. In 2nd block he was soooooooo aggravating. I wanted to throw a shoe at his head. But I stayed calmed and be quiet. Then he walks past me and Jordyn and he said I'll fire y'all up. I slammed my Chromebook down and looked at him. Then he said something else and I shouted WHAT????? Then the teacher called me over then I told her how it all started. Then she told me to write a statement of what happened. Then our homeroom teacher came in and we told her what happened. Tyler kept interrupting and saying she is lying. Then my teacher was like shut up ( in a playful way ) Tyler and he started saying you never listen to me. Then it was his turn to talk and he barely said ANYTHING. Dr.Jones was like I will tell Mr.Boone ( The 6th grade principle) that it wasn't all you Tyler, like it was all us!! She makes it seem like she is taking his side. Then Dr.Jones says to me and Jordyn that we be looking for drama. Then our homeroom teacher said meet me at lunch so we can squash it. Then it was 3rd block and that was math. I sit RIGHT beside him in math class and I was not about to talk or help him. So I decided to move up 2 seats because it was the smart thing to do. Next it was lunch and we didn't see Mr.Boone so we just ate lunch. Then it was 4th block which is social studies and everything was fine. Then 5th I was gym and I  didn't dress out because I can't open my lock because I forgot the combination. Next, in gym it was almost a fight between 2 boys twice. Then it was 6th which is computer block and all we did was finish our projects and talk. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Then it was time to go and I go to after school care where we play and do homework. It was time for me to go at 6:18 and my mom got me pizza ( which I ate 5 of.) Next, I took a shower. My head was hurting so I just laid down and now I'm going to sleep.

That's all folks! BYE!!!  #ugh            

Emojis mean how I feel that day.

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