Friday, March 4, 2016


So this morning I wake up at 5:20 ish. My alarm rings at 5:45. So I wake up randomly and get dress,wash my face, and everything else I normally do. I come back from the bathroom looking fly and I get on my Chromebook. I look at the time and it's 5:46. I was like it took me 1 minute to do ALLLLLLLLL that!!!!! Then I ask my mom why she woke me up so early and she said I didn't. You woke your self up. So until 6:30 I was on my Chromebook playing games.  Then it was time to go and I got McDonald and I got 3 pancakes. I went to school and I ate my pancakes with my best friend Janiyah. Then it was time to leave the gym ( where we wait in the morning until it's time to go to class ) and go to homeroom. Homeroom was fine because all we did was watch the news show for our school. The news show was the same boring crap every morning. 1st block was kinda okay. I got in trouble for trying to turn in something that was due like 10 mins ago. Then 2nd block was good. In second block I came in late from the library with Jordyn. So when I got in second block Ms.Nine ( the guides consular ) was sitting at Dr.Jones computer. Then she got up and started talking about sexual harassment and bullying. After he was done she just walked out. LIKE A THUG!!!!! Then we started listening to a book and answering questions. We had to draw a picture and it looked like a disable house. Then it was 3rd block which is math and when we first got in there it was good but then my friend Ta'Naisa was on Foot Locker while she was in class. Then someone snitch and told on her.  Then it was time for lunch. I was being nice and said hey Ms.York and she said go to lunch detention. I don't wanna tell what it was for. Then 4th block rolls around. This boy comes and takes Jordyn's pen of her desk. I was like Jordyn he has your pen. Then he was like what pen? ( ACTING dumb ) So Jordyn was like give me my pen you little thief!! He gave it back and said your welcome. Jordyn said no you don't need a thank you!!! Then his homeroom teacher came in and Jordyn told the WHOLE story!!! So then the teacher was like so your stealing?????????????? Then he was like I WAS JUST PLAYINGGGGGGG!!!!!! Now the whole time all I was doing was taking test online and doing unfinished work. Then Isaac ( a cool dude I know ) told Tyler to put his shoe back on because his shoe stinks. Jordyn, Isaac, and I started laughing. Tyler got in his feelings and got mad. Then the teacher Ms.Simmons ( the social studies teacher ) started passing out the homework for tonight. It was only 2 minutes left in class then the bell rung. It rung and I went to my lock and was off to 5th block. 5th block was fun because I finally new my combination and I was ready to play. Today I played mat ball ( a game the coaches made up ) I scored a point for are team. Then after we played it was time to dress out. We got in the locker room and we were dressing out. Then Coach Winguard came in and just stood there telling us to hurry up. Then it was 6th block BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate 6th block sometimes. In 6th block it was boring all we did was do projects. Then it was time for homeroom and when we got there all we did was sit and wait until they called buses and car riders and Boys and Girls Club. In Boys and Girls Club we were playing around. We didn't have pizza or anything good. My friends Kristy and De'nya were arguing. Kristy told De'nya to shut up because she was lying and De'nya started crying and saying no you are lying. It was over 5 dumb dollars De'nya found. Then they started laughing and talking and I said I knew you guys were gonna be best friends again. Then It was time for me to go and my mom had to go to the hospital. Before we were go we went to Chick fa la but it was packed. So instead we went to Wendy's. After that we went to the hospital and I saw 2 people I know from school. I waved to them and they waved backed. It took like an hour and a half and they still didn't call us. So we left and went home and my mom was fine for the night. When I got home I hopped in the shower and got me a BIG glass of pink lemonade. Then I went upstairs and plugged up my Chromebook and went to bed.

That All Folks! BYE!!!

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